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BUT Before You Get Started
Should You Choose The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

“Why Do My Eyes Hurt?”

“Because you’ve never used them before”

You have chosen wisely to join the Matrix but your path is not yet complete! You have been handed great power and now you must make a choice…  Continue down the path on your own OR supercharge you efforts and drastically increase your chance for success by adding on the awesome extras below!

Add 150 More Social Media Images

You already have 30 social media images, NOW add another 150 images to have a full pack that you can post once daily for an entire 6 months without repeating a post!

This Brings The Cost Per Image To Just 41 Cents Each!

Try to outsource this type of work and you can easily pay up to $10.00 (or more) per image. This is an incredible value that you will not find anywhere else. AND that doesn’t include everything else you will be getting!

“You got the gift, but it looks like you’re waiting for something – your next life maybe, who knows?”

Flyers And Post Cards


Brand New!

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are perfect for posting to a client’s YouTube Channel, or you can add them to a website. We have created 5 unique to the Med Spa Niche. 

We will even teach you how to add logos and simple text.

Facebook Timeline Covers

Another great service to offer a client if to change their Facebook Timeline Covers. With this marketing package, you’ll have access to 3 brand new video timeline covers designed just for MedSpas. We’ll even train you to use a free software app to edit and add your clients’ logo.

MailChimp Training

This training will walk you through every aspect of using MailChimp, which can be free, to help a client build an email list for sending newsletters… or for your own use.